Meera Kothand

Are you struggling with your email list?

You have no idea what to send your list or where to start

Email Lists for Newbies – A free email course to help you kick start your email list even if you have not sent a single email!

Email Lists for Newbies – A free email course

Kickstart your email list and build better relationships with your readers

What you’ll find inside this free course

  • What you should be sending your subscribers and the most important step you shouldn't miss
  • How I make passive income from my email list and you can too
  • 8 email list mistakes you may be making & what to do instead
  • 3 critical things you need to have before you send a single email or start promoting your list
  • The secret to list building no one pays much attention to
  • The TSBC formula for getting your emails opened and read
  • The right template to use (the answer may shock you)

This course is for you if

  • You don’t know what the heck to send
  • You think email is not for you because you have a tiny list (think again)
  • You have not sent a single email to your list
  • Your opens are dismal and your emails are always misses never hits
  • You’re done with leaving email as your back burner and you want to take some serious action

Here's what they say

Oh my goodness, this lesson blew me away! You are really helping me understand that there is a SCIENCE to this e-mailing thing! Thank you for sharing your awesome words of wisdom! - Christin Baker, Garments of Splendour

Meera is not only brilliant in her knowledge of blogging, she's also incredibly giving with it. Though we met just a couple months ago, she's been holding my hand and helping me in a way I have never received from anyone else. If you have the opportunity to work with Meera- grab it! ~Yehudis Goldfarb, Yehudis Goldfarb Photography

Meera's content is not the regurgitated marketing ideas that you hear from other bloggers & solopreneurs. The insights that she offers for free are what I believe others must be hiding away in their online courses - as that's the only thing that could explain why so much of what I've learned from her I hadn't heard before. She knows marketing is about the people as much as it is the product ~Yuri Gibson

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Takes you from scratch to nurturing your list with confidence and ease.