How to Create, Deliver & Promote an Irresistible Opt-in Freebie that Explodes your List and Turns Subscribers to Buyers Using the R.E.V.E Method

even if you have history of failed opt-ins....

even if you're starting from scratch and have a list of zero...

even if you are not in a money making niche...

and have no budget to invest in lead pages or expensive list building software.

At Only $35, Opt-in Blueprint will be the most pocket-friendly investment you’ll make to create your own high-converting opt-in freebie

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Have you ever struggled with getting people to subscribe to your opt-in freebie? 

Do you sit behind your laptop and feel overwhelmed with the thought of spending all this time creating an opt-in that  just doesn't work?

Are you desperately looking for opt-in ideas that will help you generate actual leads and subscribers to help grow your blog and business?

You're clueless about how to structure your landing pages to "sell" your opt-in and your conversion rates aren't something you're proud of.

You're not alone, my friend! I was right there, where you are right now.

My list stagnated for the longest time at 50...and watching it grow by a single digit every OTHER day was downright demotivating...In fact, if anything, it was heartbreakingly painful. I needed a solution. 

So, I did what everyone does in a situation like that and hit Google!

I looked and dug through pages and pages of content. But all I found was - Solve your audience's pain points and give them what they want...

I thought I was giving them what they wanted...so what's the deal?

There's so much more to creating an opt-in freebie, slapping together a landing page and promoting it...well I know that now but in those first 1-2 months when I launched my blog, I had no idea what I was doing or if my blog would ever take off.

I thought starting my blog was a big mistake. I knew my content was valuable and that I could help people but if only I could get them to pay attention to what I was saying...to get them to subscribe to my list..

It took plenty of trial and error before coming up with a simple but powerful framework and validation system that will tell you exactly what opt-in to create for your audience.

The result? Each one of my opt-in freebies and landing pages convert at 40% and above.

I packaged all of what I figured out into Opt-in Blueprint.

The No-Fluff, Easy-Action Guide that helps you create and deliver a high converting opt-in freebie that gets you subscribers every single day. 

What you will learn in this 80 page eBook  available for instant download


The framework to conceptualize and create your opt-in freebie

  • Why your opt-in freebie has to address more than a pain point and how to tie it to your blog and biz strategy
  • The easiest way to validate your opt-in so that you echo your readers' pain points back to them and have them clamouring to download your freebie
  • How to get clear on who you serve and why so that your opt-in freebie works harder for you
  • A critical validation mistake you can avoid to save you weeks of wasted time
  • Worksheet prompts to get clarity on your blog categories

How to design a super simple yet high-converting landing page that brings in subscribers every day 

  • How to optimize the 4 main blocks of a landing page to 'sell' your opt-in freebie effortlessly
  • Plug and play formulas you can use for your own landing pages so that you are never stumped on what to say
  • Simple tweaks to boost your opt-ins
  • Landing page checklist so you never miss out on critical details before publishing your landing page
  • Call-to-action swipe copy examples

How to skyrocket your results by maximizing your opportunities 

  • How to drive traffic to your opt-in freebie through promotion
  • How to deliver your opt-in freebie
  • How to track and take stock of your opt-in freebie
  • How to optimize your site and what the new Google Rules mean for you
  • Quick hacks for Content upgrades

Looking for Bonuses...here's what you'll get...


12 Opt-in freebie templates

  • Clueless as to how to create your first opt-in freebie? Wondering how to make it look professional but don't know how to use Adobe Photoshop. The ebook comes with links to 12 easy to edit Google doc templates.
  • Plug in your logo, text, images, change the colours to fit your brand and your opt-in freebie is ready.


Spreadsheets Galore

  • You shouldn't be left feeling overwhelmed because of the tech aspect of list building. The course gives you access to a detailed spreadsheet of list building tools
  • Need opt-in ideas for inspiration. How about 50+ of them from 10 different niches to get those ideas buzzing.



  • Implement what you learn with exercises and checklists

Meera, I really loved your e-book! First, it is full of actual advice that I started to put into practice immediately. I find so many e-books or webinars don't say much and are just stepping stones to a ridiculously over-priced product.

Which leads me to the fact that I am SUPER grateful that your Opt-In Blueprint is so reasonably priced (and yet full of such great information!) I realized that I love my current opt-in but it definitely needed to be marketed differently so I'm tweaking it right now. I was going to send you an before and after story but I got this email first :) Wish me luck!Thanks again and I look forward to learning more from you!

Daria Harvey Your Organized Life

Meera, being a fairly new blogger, I usually get the "shiny object syndrome". I was trying to get ideas from one Facebook group to another. It gets overwhelming!You have given the step-by-step system on what I have to focus on and what questions to ask to myself in order to have a successful email list that my readers will continue to look forward to reading.I am very glad that I got your ebook. And I want to tell you one more thing, I looooooovvvvvveeee reading your emails. Whenever I open my mailbox, I always check for your name.

Soumya Radhakrishnan Smart Home Economist

Picture this....

Your visitors say 'this is exactly what I wanted' every time you create a new opt-in...

You wake up to tweets and messages from your audience telling you how much they loved your opt-in..

 You can say 'good bye' to your tiny list because visitors crave your opt-ins

​You no longer feel like the opt-ins you create are met with crickets and yawns...

This Ebook contains everything you could possibly want to know about creating your opt-in, from validation to promotion packaged in a 90- page Ebook, 10 simple steps to follow through, worksheets and templates to implement the strategies. 

Now it's time for you to achieve the results that you expect from your opt-ins and landing pages too

Who am I to be teaching you this?

Hi, I'm Meera, a certified email marketing specialist, freelance writer and contributor at Smart Blogger, Successful Blogging, Addicted 2 Success, Marketing Profs and several other sites. I'm the author at Meera Kothand where I help bloggers and solopreneurs find focus, build authority and craft a strategic online presence.

I'm constantly exploring and testing what works and what doesn't. By using email marketing successfully I've been able to get tonnes of testimonials and grew my list to a 1000+ within a short 5 months of launching my blog. 

As seen in:

Get Your Copy Now!

At Only $35, Opt-in Blueprint will be the most pocket-friendly investment you’ll make to create your own high-converting opt-in freebie

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2. Choose payment method 

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It has made me more confident in making landing pages for myself and clients.I don't know of any other books on the market specifically talking about opt-ins/landing pages all in one guide. I’ll absolutely recommend it to others!

Karrie Chariton Karrie Marie

See What They Say:

Meera, I have to say, you have put together an impressive course! I can't believe how much you cover!

I've been inspired this week to create more content upgrades, pay more attention to where I put my sign up forms and go through my welcome series again. Now that I have an overview of the information in the course I am planning on going through each module and implementing everything fully over the next few months.

Emma Bates,
Kids Cash Chaos

Within the first exercise, light bulbs were going off in my head big time! It has completely revolutionized the way I think about my blog and I went through a total paradigm shift!

By asking myself the questions in your worksheet I was able to "put myself in their shoes" so to speak, and think about what they struggle with. I also have tons of ideas for blog posts, potential products and opt-in freebies.

I just wanted to say this stuff is amazing, and I am so excited to continue learning!

Christin Baker, Garments of Splendor

Meera, I had a part in there that literally stopped me in my tracks and caused me to take immediate action. It was actually pretty profound, despite being super simple.


So I immediately added a business category to my blog, and then started promoting it that way and I noticed an immediate difference in opt-ins! I've attached a screenshot below so you can see the difference between this month (implementing your strategies) versus last month.

I'd say it's pretty darn impressive!!

Kathy Haan, Idyllic Pursuit

Wow, Meera.

Amazing feedback and I think you hit it on the head. I definitely am going to work through this list. I can't wait to report back with my results. I cannot thank you enough. I was telling my friend the other day that I just don't know how to drive people to my website and I'm not sure if freebies actually convert anymore. I was so discouraged but I do think these suggestions will help!

Rita Morales, Rita Morales.com 

Being a fairly new blogger, I usually get the "shiny object syndrome". From getting ideas here and advise from one Facebook group to another. It gets overwhelming!

Meera goes step-by-step on what it is that YOU have to focus on and what questions to ask yourself in order to have a successful email list that your readers will continue to look forward to reading. She puts out a plan for you that will help you get the answer of what your readers' pain points are and at the same time, give you opt-in ideas. If you're a newbie and even if you've been blogging for some time, this will help guide you to create your opt-ins with samples and tools she has used.

Gloria Garcia,
Confessions of a SAHM Site

Get Your Copy Now!

At Only $35, Opt-in Blueprint will be the most pocket-friendly investment you’ll make to create your own high-converting opt-in freebie

Secure Checkout

1. Add to Cart

2. Choose payment method 

3. Checkout and download instantly!

YES! Send me the Blog Strategy Workbook to grow my blog in record time

The workbook helps you work through the following with prompts at each juncture:

  • Who your ideal reader and audience are
  • Your blog's personality and values
  • Your blog's core and secondary messages
  • Cheat sheet of questions to survey your audience

Email Lists for Newbies

1. 8 Email List Mistakes & what to do instead

2. How I make passive income from my email list and you can too. I'll show you the best way possible even with a small list.

3. 3 critical things you need to have before you send a single email or start promoting your list

Opt-ins Simplified

  1. Why knowing your audience pain points is not a guarantee of getting a high-converting opt-in and what you should look out for instead
  2. How your website might be standing in your way of getting more subscribers
  3. Learn from my opt-in failures and what I did to get a conversion of 40+% on each of my opt-ins.
  4. The 5-step formula and how it comes together to give you an opt-in that explodes your list

Blog Start Simplified

1. The one thing most people who intend to start a blog fail to consider. (And no, it’s got nothing to do with your email list or content)

2. The 10-step checklist you need in your arsenal to know if your niche has the remotest chance of success

3. 3-key questions to address before you grow your audience. (And why not all traffic is good)
And more...

Want to get your blog off the ground in under 15 hours a week?

Then you will love my ebook Blog With A Plan!
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