The 5-Step Process to Crush Blogger Overwhelm: Your Guide to Tasks & Goal Creation 

This eBook shows you:
  • How to identify your blogging stage so that know your next most immediate milestone
  •  How to set quarterly goals and break them down into growth tasks so that you're always on track
  • How to schedule your week with 4 major blogging tasks so that nothing gets left undone

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Are you overwhelmed with all you have to do with your blog?

Wish you could have a step-by-step process that tells you what you need to focus on when and what you don't

Are you desperately looking for 'something' that will keep your to-do list sane and help you manage your time better?

Wish you knew what you needed to accomplish on a weekly and monthly basis so that you are on track to achieve your blogging goals?

You're not alone friend!

Blogging is a beast of never ending tasks, steps and things to do. 

It’s hard to determine what you need to do at any point in time especially when there are so many directions you can take.

The problem is, we look at this huge, overall big picture rather than what the next most immediate thing is. 

What so many of us miss is how critical it is to tie our current blogging stage with our daily and weekly tasks as well as our blogging goals.

When the tasks you undertake are not in congruence with your blogging stage, there’s going to be a mismatch in your efforts and how much you get in return from them.

That's why I put together:

The 5-Step Process to Crush Blogger Overwhelm: The Blogger's Guide to Tasks & Goal Creation

Inside the pages of this guide, you'll find the 5-Step Process I take to plan and set my blogging goals:

In the guide, You Will Discover:

Blogging Stage

  • 4 Blogging Stages and their respective end-point milestones so you can easily identify where you’re at
  • A list of tasks within each stage to keep you on track
  • The common hurdles faced at each stage so you know you're not alone

Templates and Tasks List

  • A sample list of 50+ promotional/marketing tasks and maintenance tasks you can tick off
  • The exact guest post template I used to secure almost 20 guest posts from authority sites
  • The exact quarterly goals and tasks template I use to keep on track with my goals and stay focused

Blogging Goals

  • How to schedule your week with 4 major blogging tasks (Marketing/Promotional, Project, Non-negotiable, Maintenance)
  • How to structure your goals and growth tasks so that you're set-up for success
  • How to schedule your tasks in a calendar

Picture this...

You have clarity on where exactly you are in the journey and know the steps and actions you need to take to achieve your most immediate goal

You accomplish more, feel a greater sense of satisfaction and actually make progress towards this larger vision of what you want your blog to do​

You don't flinch, get panicky or try different tactics hoping one sticks​

You have a plan of action and every decision you take with your blog is calculated and intentional.

This is a snapshot of what you can expect when you use this 5-step process for your own planning 

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Meera, a certified email marketing specialist, freelance writer and contributor at Smart Blogger, Successful Blogging, Addicted 2 Success, Marketing Profs and several other sites. I'm the author at Meera Kothand where I help bloggers and solopreneurs find focus, build authority and craft a strategic online presence.

Are you ready to get rid of overwhelm and reclaim your blog?

Why Wait? Get the guide now for only $13.99!

YES! Send me the Blog Strategy Workbook to grow my blog in record time

The workbook helps you work through the following with prompts at each juncture:

  • Who your ideal reader and audience are
  • Your blog's personality and values
  • Your blog's core and secondary messages
  • Cheat sheet of questions to survey your audience

Email Lists for Newbies

1. 8 Email List Mistakes & what to do instead

2. How I make passive income from my email list and you can too. I'll show you the best way possible even with a small list.

3. 3 critical things you need to have before you send a single email or start promoting your list

Opt-ins Simplified

  1. Why knowing your audience pain points is not a guarantee of getting a high-converting opt-in and what you should look out for instead
  2. How your website might be standing in your way of getting more subscribers
  3. Learn from my opt-in failures and what I did to get a conversion of 40+% on each of my opt-ins.
  4. The 5-step formula and how it comes together to give you an opt-in that explodes your list

Blog Start Simplified

1. The one thing most people who intend to start a blog fail to consider. (And no, it’s got nothing to do with your email list or content)

2. The 10-step checklist you need in your arsenal to know if your niche has the remotest chance of success

3. 3-key questions to address before you grow your audience. (And why not all traffic is good)
And more...

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